Writing is something I have felt compelled to do ever since I began learning how. The ability to explain things in a clear manner is an art in itself, and the written word has a unique place in society, because the context exits entirely in the mind of the reader.

The bulk of my published work centers on motorsports and speed in general. I have done many press releases for the Sidecar Racers Association- West as well as event reports and announcements. Travel and adventure of any type is my current ambition, due to the fact that a wider and deeper understanding of the world is my ongoing goal in life.


The links above take you to some of my work throughout the web. My Contently profile also has selected works there, although it is more curated favorites than a listing of most current works.

In 2016 I created a travel blog called 2hearts1horizon and, although it is defunct, my writing and creative style are well represented..

Some of my work on the web:

Screenshot (187)
This piece was praised by readers and the event organizers.
Screenshot (188)
A polarizing piece that some readers objected to and other readers praised.
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I have written over 100 press releases for the SRA-West.