My skill with motor vehicles is well rounded. I have operated trucks of varying types as well as off road military tactical vehicles, farm equipment, heavy construction vehicles, and forklifts. I have raced motorcycles and sidecars for over a decade, and I have experience both on and off road. If you need reliable skill in the world of machines, contact me.

adventure veterans on a mountain lookout with motorcyles, UTV side by sides, and ROXOR off road vehicles.

I am an accomplished racer in the three-wheeled world, winning numerous national and regional championships while also setting records as the fastest sidecar to summit Pikes Peak during the world famous hillclimb. I’ve also raced in two-wheeled disciplines such as Supermoto and road racing, and currently have ambitions to do hooligan flat track and desert racing.

Pikes Peak ppihc racing sidecar sidecar187 practice
Photo: Drew Phillips

High performance driving is more than a hobby or a passion… it’s part of my personality. I interface with the controls of machines the same way I interface with a guitar while making music. I can’t ignore that surreal feeling of becoming one with a machine, so there will always be part of me looking for the next challenge, whether it be stunts, racing, long-distance record setting, or free-riding through the world.

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