Travel and food are two segments of writing that will never die. The reason is simple: humans think the “next thing” is going to make them happier in the long run, and a good meal really does make us happy in the short run.

onboard a motorcycle on a road in the mountains, looking at othr motorcyclists

My travels have been mostly by motorcycle but that has as much to do with economy as anything else. I enjoy travel by any means on land, sea, or air. Rustic trips are preferred but there is nothing wrong with urban exploration either. I just want to get out and see places, take photos, and tell the story of a place, a people, an event… the world.

In 2016 I created a travel project called 2hearts1horizon that shared stories of local travel and roadside oddities. Half of 2020 was spent on the road doing a 16,000 mile adventure under the  2h1hz banner, which will eventually become a book.

I have also worked since 2017 with the Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis, piloting a sidecar for the event photographer and helping mentor my fellow combat veterans. I also work with their offshoot, AdventureVet, adding tour guide and fleet management skills to my resume.

If you need passion and inspiration added to your event, website, marketing campaign, or blog please contact me. If you need roads or routes scouted and a detailed report or risk assessment completed, I am available. From simple location descriptions to multi-month travel projects, I’m ready and able to participate.

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