Travel and food are two segments of writing that will never die. The reason is simple: we all think the “next thing” is going to make us happier in the long run, and a good meal really does make us happy in the short run.

Adventure travel does not have to be by motorcycle entirely (as many people expect from me), so I will be hiking and vanning as well. Authoring a book and guiding others on their own adventures would be an obvious extension of this, but designing events and rallies that would allow people to create their own stories and memories is also an exciting possibility. Time will tell.

In the past I created a travel project called 2hearts1horizon that looked to share stories of local travel, then culminate in a massive road trip. Although the project is inactive, it shows my creative skill in web design, writing, and photography. I have another project in the works, but it has to remain under wraps until I can find the resources to probably launch it.

First and foremost is just getting out on the road and reconnecting with the world around me. With school and motorsports holding me to a strict schedule. I’m constantly looking for projects that will allow me more travel… and not just to a race track.

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