Travel and food are two segments of writing that will never die. The reason is simple: we all think the “next thing” is going to make us happier in the long run, and a good meal really does make us happy in the short run.

Adventure travel does not have to be by motorcycle entirely (as many people expect from me), and I also hike or travel by van, RV, or car as well. Eventually I plan to author a book and eventually guide others on their own adventures. Another passion is designing events and rallies that would allow people to create their own stories and memories. It’s chaotic while it happens but the feeling of accomplishment as it all winds down is very rewarding.

In the past I created a travel project called 2hearts1horizon that shares stories of local travel and roadside oddities. Although the project is inactive, it shows my creative skill in web design, writing, and photography. I have also worked on the Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis©, piloting a sidecar for the event photographer and helping mentor my fellow combat veterans. If you need passion and inspiration added to your event, website, marketing campaign, or blog please contact me.

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