I have played guitar, bass, and percussion instruments since the age of 14. While it started out as a way to release teenage angst, I eventually grew out of dissonance and screaming but kept the moody, dark feeling that is foundational to my writing.jkbass

Over time my work has allowed me to gain a fair amount of studio experience and
extensive songwriting skills.
I don’t hesitate to call myself a lyricist despite my vocal ability being somewhat limited.

I much prefer to play bass and groove on stage with a drummer, occasionally adding harmony with back-up vocals or helping color a guitar change with the proper fill or melody.

My online resume is scattered around the internet so I have compiled a varied assortment below:


Writer, stylist, founder. Sarn was a high-point in my career.


Primal Grey: Co-Creator, bassist, song writer, vocalist. (2006-2012) 


Prime Rib Posse: Co-Creator, guitarist, lyricist, backing vocals, editing, et al. (2009-2014)

Bass Player or Guitarist:


Chemical Gunns: Bassist.(2014-2015)


The Underground Sex Hounds: Bassist (2011)


Industrial Playground: I played as 2nd guitarist but did no writing or recording.
Industrial Playground:I played as 2nd guitarist briefly.(2005)