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Not only have I served in the US Marine Corps, attaining the rank of Corporal, but I served in a “schools” unit which taught me how to train Marines as well as lead them. Having spent time in front of classrooms of Marines, I feel comfortable making presentations or working in front of a camera. Coordinating groups of people without enough information is near-routine for me.

This has served me well in the civilian world, especially when working for the Sidecar Racers Association-West. For five years (2010-2015) I acted as Race Director, Press Officer, Vice-President, and finally President of the organization. My focus was on creating a product that potential sponsors would want to align with, stabilizing the rulebook, and coordinating the calendar of events and points standings.

Rounding out my experience is formal training by way of an undergraduates degree in business. While I am still in my final year, I have completed courses in management and organization, along with an assocciates degree in business from College of Marin.