I began marketing out of necessity. Promoting bands I was in, creating biographies and album art, press releases, etc., eventually gave way to doing the same for a motorcycle racing team I created.

Taking classes and online courses gave me a solid marketing foundation, which served me well when working for the Sidecar Racers Association-West. For five years (2010-2015) I acted as Race Director, Press Officer, Vice-President, and finally President. My focus was on creating a product that potential sponsors would want to align with, stabilizing the rule book, and coordinating the calendar of events and points standings.


SRA-West logo
I spent five years with the SRA-West launching a rebrand that saw our members and clients embrace.


Eventually I added formal training by earning my bachelors degree in Business Marketing from San Francisco State University. My studies focused on product development, entrepreneurship, and brand management. Adding this to my personal development and experience also helps my writing since I can create and maintain a brand voice, write internal or external facing content, and create branded content with little effort.

Before any of this I also served in the US Marine Corps, serving in a “schools” unit. Learning how to train Marines as well as lead them, I became comfortable developing and teaching classes, as well as giving presentations. Combined with my on-stage and on-camera work, I am comfortable speaking in company meetings, in front of clients, or presenting to the general public.

In short I can manage or lead in environments that change rapidly, communicate a cohesive message across multiple channels, manage campaigns, and speak on-camera or in front of crowds to keep a campaign on-brand. For any marketing work, feel free to contact me.

Person giving hand signals
This could be me giving a lecture on motorcycle racing or perhaps on spinning records as a DJ… but probably motorcycle racing.