Chivo was the brainchild of myself and two friends, John “Crash” Sterling and Ryan “Rhyno” Sweeney. When talking about possible designs for a logo Ryan suggest a ghost, with Crash mishearing him and asking, “what? Goats?” We had a decent laugh but I was frustrated enough to jokingly say, “we aren’t even supposed to have a logo. We are supposed to have a sponsor’s logo on the bike. Finding sponsors blows goats.”

Light bulbs went off.

Crash stormed through Adobe Illustrator and eventually created Chivo, the Team Johnny Killmore mascot. During development his symbolism grew. A goat is sure-footed and can climb mountains with seeming ease. Because the team uses the motto, “A Motorsports Revolution,” the bomb Chivo is holding represents the desire to disrupt the flow of things and truly “blow up the scene” of motorsport.

Chivo is now a central member of the team, a guiding symbol to remind us to push boundaries and not be afraid if everyone is staring at us in disbelief… if you are far enough ahead of a trend, you will always draw stares.

These days, with the race team under new sponsorship, Chivo carries on as the mascot of my personal brand.