Viva Mexico: Leaving The Land of Tacos

Wow. This bastard blog page just dumped my finished blog and failed to autosave anything except an early draft? That’s six hours I won’t get back, and that I won’t recreate either. WordPress just made their last mistake for me. I’ll be migrating to a new platform, since the site has been removing features that I want for years now, and I’m sick of all the workarounds needed to use it.

Most of a day is gone now and I have nothing to show for it, but at least I’m inspired to finally move away from WordPress. It’s such a shame watching so many websites and apps destroy themselves as they continue to focus on growth and new users, as though they are still start up companies. In any event, the post is gone, but I already uploaded the images for it.

The consolation prize is a slideshow of random images:



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