Why Things Have Been Quiet Here

winding path and bridge dirt road

Just a quick reminder that the blog here isn’t active because I’ve been on a multi-month road trip with my girlfriend, and all my work has been posted on our travel blog, 2hearts1horizon.

Go there to check out what we’ve been up to and sign up for the weekly email there. It’s also a good place to find the social media accounts for that site; we are especially active on Instagram.

I’m still working and posting to other outlets, but my personal accounts are all on 2hearts1horizon and are likely to stay there throughout the year. By January I will likely be somewhat settled in back in California, looking at where I want to set up my new base of operations.

2hearts1horizon logo v3

Part of this trip has been exploring possible alternatives to the high priced hell of California. It is the land of my birth, but that doesn’t mean I want to live to pay rent and do little else. Outside of California I can afford a decent sized property that I can either rent out while I’m traveling, or even rent out full time and just live in an in-law unit or built-out garage when I’m not on the road. The options are just better outside the Golden State.

Stay tuned and stay in touch. As I am far less active on Facebook these days, it might take more effort for friends to stay in touch: like actually calling me or sending an email. The social media life is wearing thin on me though and I increasingly am on those sites and apps to network and follow brands instead of interact with real-life humans; it’s more satisfying to interact with real people in real life.

motorcycle on highway

I’ll still be online of course… it’s part of the freelancer’s life now, and I don’t mind that. It’s just more and more inviting to be on Linkedin than Facebook and keeping the Facebook as a way to promote my own work and interact with the work of others.

Best wishes and happy holidays,


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