Launching A New Project: 2hearts1horizon

a honda motorcycle sidecar parked on a road

Hello universe,

I wanted to leave a quick note here on my site to let people know I’ll be going fairly quiet on all my Johnny Killmore social media and the website starting mid-August.

The reason is I’ll be hitting the road with my girlfriend for about 5 1/2 months immediately after I complete my mission with the Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis. Their MotoDono program has bequeathed upon me a massive 1990 Honda Goldwing with an equally massive 2-seater sidecar.

a honda motorcycle sidecar parked on a road

I’ll be taking that beast around the country and some of Canada in order to do multiple things. Obviously it’s an exploration of the physical world, but it’s also chance to investigate the self. Travel is a great cure for what ails ya. Despite it being true that “wherever you go, there you are,” by moving yourself from place to place you can’t help but see patterns develop. Seeing the difference between the self and the Self is the best way to get both of them to work in harmony, as they are supposed to.

Because I’m taking this trip with my girlfriend, we’ll be using our travel page, 2hearts1horizon. I originally created it as a way to share photos with both our friends and families, but my persistent need to be creative turned it into a full-on website independent of the Johnny Killmore world, which is mostly aligned with motorcycles, motorsport, and adventure.

While 2hearts1horizon is definitely focused on adventure as well as travel, the methods are less important than the journey. We’ll travel by pack mule or luxury RV, by land or by sea, so long as there is something to see and learn.

Also, the focus of Johnny Killmore is on me of course, and my work as a writer, performance rider/driver, and generally awesome human. 2hearts2horizon is focused on travel, exploration, and sharing the adventure.

2hearts1horizon logo. Sun, heart, motorcycle sidecar, road, text.

Because of that I invite people to head over to the website and sign up for the mailing list. We only send out a weekly email with highlighted posts, so don’t worry about getting spammed. We also don’t share our list with anyone, especially because 2hearts1horizon is more a project than a business. We just want to share what we’re up to, inspire some folks, and give a distraction to others who are in between their own adventures.

While you’re over there on the website, hit the “Social” tab and give a follow to our different accounts. We especially use the Instagram and Facebook page, so those are ways to stay in touch.

But stay tuned here, since the Veterans Charity Ride is happening this July/August, and I will again be piloting a sidecar for the ride photographer, Sara Liberte. It’s an amazing adventure every year, putting wounded and amputee veterans together on Indian Motorcycles, seeing some gorgeous American countryside, and letting the wind heal some of the internal wounds we carry in our heads.

Sara Liberte shoots photos from a moving sidecar

As soon as I return to California I’ll be loading the sidecar and hitting the road, roughly on August 15th. We’ll leave from somewhere in California (Southern or Northern, not sure just yet), and make a clockwise circuit of the country, hitting parts of Quebec before reentering the US in Vermont and running south.

So like a said, follow the action there, it’s free, its awesome, and what the hell else are you doing with your time… watching cat videos? C’mon, saddle up, buttercup.

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