Looking at 2020

pilot dropping bombs

I like to write a post every year so that I can look back on it and see if I’m on-target with my goals. By declaring goals aloud and to other people, it makes things more real: you’re on the hook because you said you’d do it. It’s a simple trick to making reality, umm… real.

It looks like I ticked the boxes in 2019, making progress with my event, the Hoody Hoo Throwdown, my travel plans, named 2hearts1horizon, and working more with Veterans Charity Ride and AdventureVet. I also missed the mark in not being any more physically active than I had been in 2018, and only publishing a few more articles compared to the previous year when I wanted to more than triple the amount.

shadow motorcycle
2019 is a shadow, 2020 is the road ahead.

But hey, maybe I made those goals too lofty, or more likely I made them without looking at how they would be accomplished; making a goal and committing to a goal are not the same thing. But that’s all water that has long since passed under the bridge.

Now that 2020 has gotten rolling a bit I see much the same when it comes to goals, though I see them through a different lens. The big and looming goal is that my big, life-changing road trip is here. I’ve been waiting for my girlfriend to have her gap-year in college, and that’s coming this May.

That means the first half of this year is dedicated to selling things, finding a suitable bike to spend 5 months living off of, and getting things into storage. I will officially become a vagabond on July 15, heading out to Utah to once again pilot a sidecar for the Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis. When that wraps up in early-August, Kate and I will become 2hearts1horizon, the name I created for our travels and adventures together.


We’ll essentially strike out from Utah, heading north to Minnesota and then east through Michigan and into Canada. Exploring the north until we reach Maine, we’ll run down the eastern seaboard to the Florida Keys, then ride along the Gulf Coast to Texas. The plan will develop from there based on budget and weather, possibly riding into Mexico, or into New Mexico. Since we are California-based, there is littler interest in riding the west-coast or the deserts of Arizona and Nevada: that’s our backyard after all.

This puts an end to my involvement in the Hoody Hoo Throwdown but hopefully opens up space to get back into racing, albeit in a reduced capacity from my sidecar days. Hooligan flat track and desert racing are leading contenders for my passion. I’ll also be writing from the road and trying to broaden into areas outside of the motorcycle industry, with travel being an obvious avenue.

motorcyle rider in front of grafitti
I must obey the stone.

With all the blogging and photos we’ll be doing from the road I also expect I’ll have the necessary story compiled to write a book, which I’ll set to writing once we find a new home. That new home will be based on where Kate decides to do her graduate work, which could be anywhere. That will solve itself though and my only desire is to have a way to get back-and-forth to Utah so I can be involved in AdventureVet and the work being done out there for disabled veterans.

And really, that’s it for 2020. I’ll be looking to improve my diet so I don’t get any fatter on the road, but that may take care of itself since Kate is a healthy eater and we’ll be sharing our meals. We’ll be hiking a lot since we both enjoy it and it’s free. Before I know it I expect to be hitting 2021, a year of building a new life and new goals, all with a new perspective.

pov motorcycle riding country road

No need to look that far ahead though. The road in front of us is interesting enough and I’m excited to tackle what lay before me. Plans for next year can wait until more solid information has come along.

So I invite you all to join in for 2020 by poking around the 2hearts1horizon website and following our Instagram and Facebook pages, and even signing up to our mailing list for a weekly update of our plans (on weeks where we publish things, that is). And don’t forget to reach out to me if your 2020 plans include something cool that you think I’d be interested in. It’s about sharing the adventure with others, not just adventuring for adventure’s sake.


otto lilienthal flies a glider off a hill

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