Run What Ya Brung Flat Track

motorcycles racing flat track on asphalt

Just a quick note to aim people at this article I did for the Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys’ blog about my first foray into flat track racing. It was actually more about having fun on the cheap than getting to know the Roland Sands Super Hooligans series, which I’ve already attended many times as a photographer.

I recently bought a $750 Craigslist special, a 2002 Buell Blast that I’ve dubbed the Speed Bump,  and am figuring out what silly things I can do with it because, well… Craigslist motorcycles. I took it on a 1,700-mile road trip to the Kernville Kampout already, but my laptop got wiped out so all the pictures and video are gone.

But now I’ve got this first official installment of life on the road with a Speed Bump underneath you. Don’t forget that I’m 6’2″ and 230lbs, and the Buell Blast is the size of a moped: just getting down the road is an adventure. Add to that the so-so quality of the original design and I’m actually feeling pretty good that it survives at all.

But it also had to survive launching off a wooden jump and running handlebar-to-handlebar with a random mix of bikes and riders, all while I learned how to turn left and go (relatively) fast. For better or worse the track as on asphalt, which helped me by being familiar, but also meant higher speeds which I wasn’t expecting, plus the jump.

No need to go into it all again though: head to this link and see the results for yourselves.

motorcycle jumping at a parking lot flat track race course

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