What I’ve Been Up To

all work and no play Shining

I haven’t been able to post in quite awhile, and now isn’t a good time either. Still, it’s best to get the bullet points out there.

Sidecar racing will happen this year. The team exists as Strategic Protocol Motorsport, renamed and relaunched last year after I partnered up with promotion & film company Strategic Protocol. One of the reasons I haven’t been writing is the time it’s taking to create SPM as a company, with a website and a mission statement and upcoming content so we can build a following and additional partnerships. Our racing calendar is here, and the third round is the only one we currently plan to miss (budget and time constraints).

On the writing front I have published a few pieces with the blog for Russ Brown, Motorcycle Attorneys. This preview of the Dakar Rally, and the follow-up post-race review, are available on their site.

Most of my writing at the moment is done for school, since this is my last full-time semester in college before getting my degree. This means that, come June, a big shake up is due in my life; hopefully by way of a big launch in my freelance career. My degree is in marketing, but that’s because I view freelancing as an ongoing exercise in entrepreneurship, helping teams and entire brands further their goals.

The sky is the limit. Oh, wait… photo: NASA.gov

Having marketing skill has already allowed me to create some growth for the sidecar racing club I run with (and used to be President of).  It also allows me to explain myself– and my services– to people looking for writing, photography, or precision driving work. As a freelancer, you are a brand, whether you want to be or not.

I’ll be looking at more travel writing and story-telling in addition to the motorsports stuff I often write about. That will also mean covering some cool events and meeting other lunatics that are up to cool stuff. If all goes to plan, I will also get in some off-road racing and maybe some flat track… on two, three, or four wheels.

On the music-side of things there is nothing to report. The outlay of time is too much to keep things moving forward. Something had to get dropped, though I still fiddle around for fun.

Photography is similarly stagnant, but I still have my equipment and do some shooting. I’ll be ready to shoot events when the season picks up; I just haven’t been broadening my repertoire. I’ve only been shooting on the road lately, which I can do with a NUVIZ helmet-mounted unit for the type of photos I need.

east bay loop nuviz onboard

So, in short, I’m still here, and I’m moving forward. Come April we will have racing updates as the team expands. Come May I will be seeking full-time work writing and shooting for companies, especially where brand management and viral marketing are concerned. This may be my last season as a sidecar racer also, as I look for one-off gigs racing on larger teams competing in different disciplines. I’d like to branch out and look for new challenges in the high-speed world.

Oh, and this August I will be riding again in the Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis, piloting a sidecar outfit as part of their official photography crew. I’m looking forward to that more than anything this year. As a veteran myself it’s a great way to help other vets, work with an awesome group of people, and get some motorcycle therapy of my own.

group of people and motorcycle with a sign
The road is a place to be alone… with friends. photo: Veterans Charity Ride.


Lastly, if you aren’t on my mailing list, sign up here to keep in touch. No, I won’t spam you; you’re only signing up for a weekly email at the most, full of updates, not advertising. I don’t have customers, I have relationships. It’s important that I maintain my relationships, so thanks for being a part of my world.

See you out there,


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