Monthly Round Up: Moto, Lifestyle, And More

When I decide to avoid the things I should be doing, like work on the projects in my garage or write useful stories, I usually scroll through social media for news. It’s one of my de facto time-wasters.

As anyone would guess, I end up down a rabbit hole most of the time. There is plenty of news about the world at large, but there is also a ton of content about motorsports and cool machines. Over the last few weeks, I took a second to collect a few links so that my aimless scrolling could at least be put to good use.

I sift through the trash and put the uneaten half-sandwich and the warmest of used coffee grounds in one place for you. Mmm…. delicious.

Art To Wrench By

First up is illustrator Menze Kwint of the Netherlands. He has a gift, creating logos, T-shirt designs, and those oh-so-vintage looking event posters that everyone wants these days. His website is chock full of stuff, but I would recommend following his social media feeds just to get a dose of cool sprinkled in your scrolling.

Menze Kwint

Warbirds At War With Their Neighbors

Next is a bit of aviation news. The Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, California has just been served with a lawsuit by several neighbors at the airport. It appears POF’s annual Air Show, which puts dozens of rare vintage warbirds on display on the ground and in the air, is too much coolness all at once. Finding parking on the weekend must be such a drag, even though POF’s neighbors roll back their hanger doors and watch the show for free every year.

This year, they want to end the biggest single money-maker for the museum, and the best air show in the region. Let’s not forget the fact that POF’s air-worthy displays  make the rounds to air shows all over the Southwest, bringing joy to tens of thousands while helping other small airports connect with their communities, and generate desperately needed revenue.

Planes of Fame Airshow 2017

You can add your name to the petition if you choose. Better yet, you can buy a ticket to show your support. Think of it as a donation and a protest at the same time: even if you don’t plan to attend. If the show is cancelled by the lawsuit, the museum has already promised to refund everyone’s money.

Three-Wheel Action Picks Up In California

Another cool piece of news is the beginning of the SRA-West racing season. April 21-23 at Willow Springs Raceway marks the first round. I will be there to compete, though I will be bringing two new co-pilots; one for each day. Both are base jumping friends of Matt Blank, and one of them has some prior race experience on a solo bike. It’s still like starting from scratch on a sidecar. Hopefully Mike and Jamie take to it like ducks to  water. The speed will not be a problem, but we will need to get our timing and teamwork down.

sidecar sonoma johnny killmore 187

The very next week we’ll be in Sonoma, Ca for round two. The track is much harder to learn because of blind crests and many elevation changes, so I expect to struggle. Still, it is becoming home turf and I will look to win just the same. The bike is for sale, so each race might be my last, and I want to end on a good note.

Best Event I Missed In 2016

If I could name one thing to change about myself, it would be “stop saying yes to everything.” Exhausted by simply trying to make 5 events and build three projects and write 5 articles, I end up throwing in the towel on all of it. Case in point was missing the Race of Gentleman when it came to California.

It was in October when I was not racing, but I was so sick of traveling long distances and trying to make up school work that I slagged it. While I can take solace in the fact that I missed horrible weather that washed out the Pismo Beach racecourse, I still think I should have gone. There is a private air field with WW1 replicas not too far away also.

Beach race of gentlemen pismo
The New Jersey event, 2016.

The idea of seeing it all and not missing class on Monday through, put me into an anxiety that caused a “hell no, just stay home.” But any event with that many Instagram heroes is going to make for envious photos in an endless stream. I keep feeling the pain because my feed is sprinkled with photos from the New Jersey  and California events. And that’s not all…

Because the event is only open to pre-war cars and motorcycles, the race does not suffer fools on retro-styled modern equipment. That up’s the cool factor. This is a bunch of 1940 or older vehicles with equally old running gear, bombing down the beach. What’s not to love? Well, the surf pushing up into the race course, but that didn’t stop people from racing on Saturday in the sludge.

pismo TROG 2016 beach race
Crowds and racers were not dissuaded for the 2016 Race of Gentleman, held in October on Pismo Beach. Photo: Jordan Bently

The show must go on, and it remains a show I need to see. I can’t afford to build my own classic, but I can see these legitimate race machines using the technology of the era, which makes it even better than a car show: there are no crate-engined Chevy’s with power windows and all-replica parts to be seen.

And The Party Rolls On

As you might expect, I should have been prepping my race bike instead of writing this piece. So I will leave it, typos intact, and get back to life-most-ordinary. Hopefully I have curated enough interesting stuff here to keep you from scrolling aimlessly through your own feeds. But if you find yourself down a rabbit hole, just remember I didn’t put you there. Quit scrollin’ and start rollin’.

Chivo Team Johnny Killmore



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