Motorcyclist Re-Launches Next Week

Let me just share a quick note with all you motorcycle enthusiasts who also enjoy a little thing called information.

No, not that stuff.

I’m not talking about the swill that comes flying at you like bugs on your faceshield. I mean information, maaann… can you dig..?

That’s the stuff. You remember. Crack open that thick print and take a whiff of the good stuff. Mmmm. That’s right. Quality print. No more of the dirty “C” word. Content. That’s what journalism is and has been for years. Especially in the enthusiast sector. You may not have noticed directly, but the sour look on your face and your constant complaints in the comments sections all over cyberspace mean you know. We’re all sick of sifting through the crap to find a kernel of good information. Stories that move you. Not the marketing jazz that doesn’t deliver, but the story you read and have to tell your friend about later that day.

One sliver of humanity is going to do something about it. Call it a group gone rogue on the Titanic, making a life raft out of deck chairs and bed sheets… but they brought half the contents of the bar.

I said information didn’t I? That doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Get the straight dope from them. The long and the short is, Motorcyclist is going to drop six issues and become a  bi-monthly, making a push for quality content. Maybe it won’t sound like a dirty word anymore… content… <shivers>. The internet has plenty of quality stuff mind you, but they tend to do it through exhaustive web-searching. What do print mags have up their sleeve? Access. To humans. With stories. These guys can get a check from Bonnier and leave the basement, go talk to other people, maybe industry insiders even. Could it be?

© Motorcyclist Magazine

I have no idea honestly. I just have optimism. Changing directions takes Chutzpah. People want to point out your flaws. A fancy term called schadenfreude explains it, but you don’t need a fancy term. People like to laugh at other people’s failures. Just look at Youtube.

Me? As a musician who has had to go in front of people and suck blowfully while still smiling, pretending everything is going perfect? I’m a little different. I won’t be a cheerleader, but I’ve got ten bucks that says it’s worth seeing if the boys (and girls) are alright. First person who emails the name of my mascot using the contact form on my website, I’ll buy them a gift subscription too.

I already gave the details about the magazine’s internal shifts so no need to rehash. Just know that on the 28th of February, you will need to start looking for a new title on newsstands. Or if you are like me and you don’t want to put on clean socks, you can subscribe and have a go for a year.

I pay ten bucks just to support my friend’s indie band for one night, and I have to sit through five other crappy bands to do it. This is like a vacation.

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